What is Hirudotherapy?

Hirudotherapy is a very old form of treatment, that involves the use of some species of medical leeches. Leeches were used even in the ancient times, for hundreds of years. They then lost the importance due to alternative medicine. In 2004 American Agency of Food and Medicine allowed for their medical use. From then on there is research on the effectiveness of leeches, led by modern day science. First ever recorded us of them is drawn on the walls of ancient Egypt dating back to 1550-1292 B.C. The author of the first published medical research on leeches is Nikander (2nd century B.C) Since 1st century A.D more and more written research has appeared, this includes the Chinese, Sanskrit, Persian and Arabic literature. During that time the Romans named the leeches 'Hirudo11', because of Charles Linneeus, they adapted a name for on type of leeches (Hirudo Linnaeus, 1758). Pliny the Great wrote, that leeches suck blood and are useful for,”rheumatic pain and all kinds of ailments and fever.

Hirudotherapy in many countries stays in alternative medicine, even though it's effective results in case of different diseases has been proven. Great success shares leaches for varicose veins treatments.


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Since you got here, you are just as bored with the medical impotence that you have experienced, of course I do not criticize Doctors and I know that they are indispensable in our world because thanks to their work a lot of good is happening So why HIRUDOTHERAPY.
I am a 44-year-old who has been struggling with the problem of varicose veins for several years, i.e. the common name of the disease, which is chronic venous insufficiency. I had two surgeries where my veins were...





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