Preparation for hirudotherapy treatment



On the day of treatment you are no allowed to drink alcohol, coffee or strong tea, because the substances in them cause vasolidation, It is no recommended to consume spicy foods especially onion and garlic. Patient before taking the leeches cannot smoke cigarettes.


The body must be clean, therefore it's not allowed to use scented soap, perfumes, cremas and balsams for body, antiperspirants, deodrants or mass creams. Just before treatment it's best if you wash your body with grey soap. On the day of trearment, it's best if you relax and regenrate the body from any physical activity.

Patient for 7 days before treatment must not take his/hers anticlot medication. If you take any medication on a regualr basis, the doctor that prescribed you the medication should be informed about hirudotherapy treatment becasue the substance in the medicadions mixed with the saliva of leeches can cause a toxic substance that is induced directly into your blood system.

A specialist in hirudotherpay based on the results recieved from the patient the therapist then judges his/hers health and decides weather if the treatment is fully safe.




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